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Available Steel Roofing Products

The product you choose for your roof shouldn’t be taken lightly, nor should you just choose the cheapest option. A roof system is an investment that can increase the value of your property. We have a wide selection of options so that you can make the best choice for your property.

VicWest SuperVic®

The SuperVic profile gives you the classic look of standing seam in a cost-effective metal roofing solution. 

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VicWest Prestige®

Prestige Metal Roofing is available in a rich sophisticated color palette, including natural and metallic finishes, that will add a design flair.

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Steel Tile Katech®

The Katech profile simulates the classic clay tile appearance. With a 3/4″ step every 16″ along the panels, this panel suits a variety of applications.

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Steel Tile Elite®

The Elite profile is designed to depict the look of Dutch clay tiles. The wave pattern profile creates a distinctive European feel. 

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Steel Tile Standing Seam®

With their raised seams, the panels are ideal for low-slope roofs. Snap Seam and Nail Strip are easy-to-install clip-on and nail-on systems.

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